Summer Breeze

summer breeze, poem, poetry, autumn, fall, summer, sun, water

the summer breeze

tickling my cheeks

ruffling my hair

and chilling my skin

the summer breeze

a break from the heat

that pours down from the sky

browning the land

and drying the water

the summer breeze

whisking across the grasses

rustling the forests

and waving the oceans

the summer breeze

is warm to start

with a scent of life

and a promise of sun

the summer breeze

cools off in the end

with a scent of death

and the promise of autumn

11 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

  1. I love this.

    Have you thought about playing around with it to see if you could make every line have exactly 3 words? I think that would be a fun experiment. Bear in mind, though – I know nothing about poetry, so that might be a terrible idea πŸ™‚

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  2. This reminds me of Summer Breeze, a song by Seals and Croft. You may know it, depending on your age, nationality, interest in pop music, etc, as it was out, actually, over forty years ago.But as soon as I finished reading this, that song began playing in my mind.

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  3. I love how this is written, I can feel the breeze. But I think Autumn is a time of maturity and ripening. Preparing for the next year, before the winter season of sleep.

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