Swept Up in the Glory – Reader’s Choice #5

The inspiration for this post was chosen by you, the lovely readers! This Reader’s Choice is inspired by the words “vacant” and “planet” (there was a tie). I hope you enjoy!


Sitting here, on this vacant planet

I begin to wonder

if all my life was a lie.

If I ever truly saw the world

as the world saw me.

Was I truly going through life

awaiting the honor

that was sure to come?

I should have known

that in reality

I was a pawn;

being used to achieve a goal

that they had chosen for me.

I had no say

I was chosen for a mission

of supposed honor and glory

shown the wonder of fame

Told I was one for the history books

the person that kids would want to be

I was an astronaut, an explorer

and even so,

here I am.

Maybe I should have thought through this

tried to see the real push

attempted to extract myself

from the world of the pawns.

But that is indeed the tricky part

for then I did not know as I do now

that when they launched me

to this vacant planet

they truly meant what they said

it was I who simply blocked it out

not wanting to loose the fame

or glory or honor

that comes with space.

Now I wish I had listened

paid attention, and argued

for here I am sitting

on this vacant planet

with no one

to share the moment with.

14 thoughts on “Swept Up in the Glory – Reader’s Choice #5

  1. This certainly left me with a huge empty space – a very uncomfortable empty space. Though I am a novice I find this piece to have been very well written.

    Liked by 2 people

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