Swept Up in the Glory – Reader’s Choice #5

The inspiration for this post was chosen by you, the lovely readers! This Reader’s Choice is inspired by the words “vacant” and “planet” (there was a tie). I hope you enjoy!


Sitting here, on this vacant planet

I begin to wonder

if all my life was a lie.

If I ever truly saw the world

as the world saw me.

Was I truly going through life

awaiting the honor

that was sure to come?

I should have known

that in reality

I was a pawn;

being used to achieve a goal

that they had chosen for me.

I had no say

I was chosen for a mission

of supposed honor and glory

shown the wonder of fame

Told I was one for the history books

the person that kids would want to be

I was an astronaut, an explorer

and even so,

here I am.

Maybe I should have thought through this

tried to see the real push

attempted to extract myself

from the world of the pawns.

But that is indeed the tricky part

for then I did not know as I do now

that when they launched me

to this vacant planet

they truly meant what they said

it was I who simply blocked it out

not wanting to loose the fame

or glory or honor

that comes with space.

Now I wish I had listened

paid attention, and argued

for here I am sitting

on this vacant planet

with no one

to share the moment with.

Summer Breeze

summer breeze, poem, poetry, autumn, fall, summer, sun, water

the summer breeze

tickling my cheeks

ruffling my hair

and chilling my skin

the summer breeze

a break from the heat

that pours down from the sky

browning the land

and drying the water

the summer breeze

whisking across the grasses

rustling the forests

and waving the oceans

the summer breeze

is warm to start

with a scent of life

and a promise of sun

the summer breeze

cools off in the end

with a scent of death

and the promise of autumn



the writer sits there

with a blank page, exploring

different worlds

This is day 31 of July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge.



the artist is here

working, creating, often

long into the night

This is day 30 ofJuly’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge



let’s be the village

that comes together when times

are hard and easy

This is day 29 in July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge



to stand in nature

to take a deep breath, simply

being with yourself

This is day 28 in July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge.



appearances are

so important, or so say

those who live in fear

This is day 27 in July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge.



chaos in my head

convincing me to hide and

simply be a sheep

This is day 26 in July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge.



the symbolism

does not escape me; I choose

to be that symbol

This is day 25 of July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge



walking tall and proud

gracefully watching over

with wisdom filled minds

This is day 24 of July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge.